Management Team

  Genor has build a highly experienced and fully integrated management team, each member with more than 10 years of industry experience, and coming from major biopharmaceutical companies of the US and China. Their expertise covers each key steps of mAb drug research and development.

Zhou, Joe, Ph. D. ‐ CEO

Dr. Zhou, Xinhua (Joe) is the CEO of Genor Biopharma Co. Ltd. He is a visiting professor teaching Master's Degree Program in International Pharmaceutical Engineering Management (IPEM) at Peking University, China. He is an invited vice-chair of Biopharmaceuticals Committee under China Pharmaceuticals Society, the Founder and first Chair of China Protein Drug Quality Alliance (CPDQA), the Chair of Biological Drug Product and Process Committee of China ISPE, and the Chair of Amgen Aluminums Association (AAA) in China. Previously, Dr. Zhou was Scientific Director at Amgen. He has over 20-years experience of process development, multiple project management capacity in cGMP and non-GMP reproducible purification/production of protein/antibody therapeutics from FIH to CPD with depth knowledge of CHO clone selection, cell culture optimization, viral clearance, real time analytical assays, formulation and product specification for drug substances and drug products.

Kan, Steve, Ph.D ‐ CMC

Steve Kan is the Chief Technology Officer and Head of Quality of Genor Biopharm Co. Ltd. He has 25 years of US/Canada experience and 4 years of China biotech experience. Before returning to China in 2013, Dr. Kan worked at several American pharmaceuticaland biotechnology companies including Monsanto, Pfizer Global Biologics,Allergan, and Ionis Pharmaceuticals, specializing in late stage development of biopharmaceuticals. He participated in and led the quality establishment of more than 10 drug development projects, and is highly experienced with project CMC management, GMP quality system, product characterization and structural elucidation, analytical method development, qualification and ICH validation, as well as regulatory filings and quality standard of clinical supplies.

Chen, Robert - Executive Vice President

Mr. Robert Chen is Executive Vice President and Head of BD & Strategy at Genor Biopharma Co. Ltd. He has more than 15 years of industrial experience in biopharmaceutical industry in China, incl more than ten years of business development experience and two years in biopharmaceutical venture capital arena.

Cheng, Fiona -Vice President

Fiona (Huiyang) Cheng is Vice President and Head of Pre-clinical, Clinical & Registration of Genor Biopharma. She has more than 15 years of broad technical and managerial experience in the pharmaceutical business, with a thorough knowledge of GMP/GLP regulations from FDA, EMEA, MHRA, TGA, WHO as well as ICH requirements of cGMP.            

Xu, Shuiqing -Senior Director

Shuiqing Xu is Senior Director of Upstream Process Development in Genor Biopharma. He has more than 15 years of biopharmaceutical industrial experience focusing on process development and manufacturing. As major technical personnel, he took part in the development of new recombinant adenovirus and monoclonal antibody drugs which have been launched in the market. He has also established technology platform of large scale mammalian cell culture in Genor Biopharma.

Duan, Qingtang - Executive Deputy General Manager

Duan Qingtang is Executive Deputy General Manager of YuxiGenor. He is responsible for the operation and management of monoclonal antibody industrialization base of Genor BioPharma Co.,Ltd. Owns 13 years of experience on biomedical industry construction, production and operation management, and has presided over a number of large-scale biopharmaceutical industry construction projects.