Integrated Platform
Our integrated, biological platform encompasses all the key biologic drug development functionalities, and enables us to identify and address potential clinical, manufacturing and commercial and clinical barriers in the development process so we can direct our efforts towards molecules with the best potential to become clinically active, cost-effective and commercially viable drugs.
Discovery and Research

Our R&D process starts with strategic target identification and selection, focusing on targets with proven or high potential clinical benefits. Once the targets have been identified, we fully leverage our research hubs in Shanghai and San Francisco to advance our synergized discovery and research efforts. 

Discovery and Research
Clinical Development

We strategically design the clinical trials of our drug candidates, critically select the registration pathways, diligently conduct our clinical trials to ensure speed of execution and data quality, maintain constructive dialogues with the regulatory authorities to achieve optimal clinical development efficiency, and accelerate the approval process of our drug candidates.

CMC and Manufacturing

Our strong Shanghai-based CMC capabilities resulted from approximately one decade of relentless development efforts and have supported our and our collaborators’ IND applications for more than 20 antibodies with the NMPA and/or planned IND applications with the FDA. In addition, we have commercialization-ready manufacturing capabilities based in Yuxi, Yunnan with enhanced cost efficiencies and quality excellence, boasting concentrated fed-batch and perfusion technologies that allow us to generate higher titer and yield than the conventional technologies, driving the high-end of the industry range. We benefit from our cost-effective, high-yield CMC and manufacturing capabilities.